Street Justice is a nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization spotlighting the policies and people that govern and change public spaces. We include, inform, and equip stakeholders with the least power to improve their community. Public spaces include streets, tunnels, bridges, waterways, airports, playgrounds, schools, libraries, trails, parks, recreation centers, and transit.

Gordon Chaffin started Street Justice in December 2018 to create inclusive journalism about neighborhood-level problems with the goal of including more people of less privilege, creating content that reached them, and to equip them to get involved in arcane but important local civics decision making. You know that phrase “Nothing about us, without us?” As a news organization, we are storytellers, but also a tools-provider to the “us” who may already be advocates and the many more who don't know yet how to change things but want things to change.

Our ambition is to create a small, non-profit newsroom that finds, broadcasts, and mobilizes informed stakeholder citizens into the most obscure rooms where people meet to make decisions affecting others. Street Justice is not a partisan or ideological advocacy organization. But, we do advocate for — and make possible — greater inclusion.

We believe this is possible and necessary. Hundreds of subscribers have pledged money and increased their donations over 19 months of publishing. They’ve donated, spread word of mouth, linked to our work in their bigger platforms with larger audiences. They’ve told us that they believe in the need for a new kind of local journalism.

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PDFs of Our Best Street Justice Reporting

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  • DC Scooter Permits Extended for Bird, Lime, etc + Appeals Process Opens - December 2019

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  • DC Council May Force 9th NW Safety Forward - November 2019

  • Councilmember Todd Moved Bikeshare, Hid from Neighborhood Commission - November 2019

  • Key Bowser Aide Behind Safety Delays - October 2019

  • Prince Georges 166 Ped Deaths this Decade - July 2019

  • Prince Georges Mixed on Walkable School Safety - June 2019

  • ANC 3C Check Fraud Part Two - March 2019

  • ANC 3C Check Fraud Part One - March 2019

  • Arlington County Bike Accidents - February 19

  • I-66 Tolling Data - January 2019

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About Gordon Chaffin, Street Justice Founder and Reporter

Gordon is an experienced transportation and infrastructure policy analyst. A lot of the reporting out there comes from career journalists who change beats every few years. I have a Masters Degree in Public Policy. I have the skills and expertise to compare power’s claims against research. I understand the jargon and I ask tough questions.

I produce audio and video well, but writing is what I do best. I’ve done digital marketing and communications in many jobs, and I know how to tell stories about complex subjects. Urban planning gets in the weeds, but my reports won’t put you to sleep.

Gordon’s Resume - August 2020