Not Even Worth Opening? DC Bars & Restaurants After COVID-19


Dining & Nightlife in Washington, DC Before, During, After COVID

Washington, DC — plus its suburbs in Maryland and Virginia — entered their first stages of re-opening this week after two months of pandemic shelter-in-place orders. Political leaders and community stakeholders in the District and its neighbors are discussing ways to use public space to restore profitable business operations to bars and restaurants. With the public health and safety need for greater space to avoid virus spread — and historically low car traffic levels — there’s unprecedented momentum to give greater percentages of the street to dining, retail, walking, and bike riding.

To best analyze the context of this economic development gambit, Gordon Chaffin of — a transportation and urban planning news organization — talked with Raman Santra of Barred In DC — a blog that covers DC’s bar and nightlife scene.

This podcast was produced by Gordon Chaffin for Please consider supporting local news like this at a time when advertising revenue crushes the remaining viability of community journalism.

A few more reporters to follow doing fantastic dining/nightlife coverage in DC: Laura Hayes at Washington City Paper, Jessica Sidman at WASHINGTONIAN, Chelsea Cirruzzo in several local outlets, and Leigh Giangreco in several local outlets.

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