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Street Justice Newsletter: Email List Reminder

I know folks have been waiting a long time now for the new Street Justice email newsletters to launch. I’m sorry for the delay, wherein I’ve been designing new high-quality formats with better presentations of information. Ditto on the new website.

If you haven’t signed up for the new email lists, please do so now: weekly offerings by geography and monthly offerings by topic area. I don’t want to manually move people over from this Substack list and guess incorrectly which emails you want because of your zip code on billing info.

New emails start next week: weekly geography-based emails on Tuesday mornings starting Oct 27th and monthly topic-based emails on Thursday, November 5th.

Form to Update Your Email Preferences

Some of the new designs:

Please consider supporting this local news effort as an individual or business/brand.

I have only hundreds of dollars in my checking account at this point.

Things are *really* bad now in local news and it’s harmful to democracy.

Thanks so much,

Gordon Chaffin, News Director and Founder at Street Justice

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